Boost Your Content Marketing with These Three Tips

content-mark.png May 12, 2017 / Annika Rautakoura
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Last updated: May 12, 2017

Relying on storytelling, spreading your content and remembering evergreen content are solid ways to boost your content marketing efforts.

The Content Marketing Institute reveals that top performers in content marketing are “all in”; 91% of top performers are extremely or very committed to content marketing.

What are some ways to make your content marketing efforts count?

1) Focus on storytelling

Connect with your audiences by telling stories about your brand and product. Don’t just proclaim your product’s features and announce why you’re the greatest solution or service in the markets. Give them something to connect with; the narrative of how your clients found a way to solve their problem with your solution, or let your employees revealing your company mission through a blog post relevant for their expertise.

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2) Invest in your well-performing content

Even though trending is important, evergreen content brings in traffic over time, Sujan Patel points out. Looking at your well-performing content is always a way to find patterns in your successes and repeat them. Get specific with these successes and do some practical A/B testing on what makes certain content perform particularly well.

3) Spread your content far and wide

“Half the work is creation, the other half is promotion,” says Neil Patel about content marketing. Once you’ve invested all your hard work into producing a piece of content, the real measure of success is to get people to find it and react to it.

One powerful way to make sure your content is spread far and wide is to make it a joint effort. Integrating your employees into your content marketing plan is a way to give customers the “real deal” when sharing information and your company mission to the outside world.

3 Power Tips to Boost Your Content

Leverage these tips and remember to include your employees into your content marketing game. 


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