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Feb 19, 2019

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BDO in Australia Empowers its Employees on Social Media with Smarp

Empowering employees on social media is a great way to increase the company’s social reach, generate engagement, grow the corporate image, and build...


Empowering employees on social media is a great way to increase the company’s social reach, generate engagement, grow the corporate image, and build trust.

Supporting your employees’ thought leadership can have a positive impact on your business’s growth in many ways. Think about it: 69 percent of U.S. adults use at least one social networking site. On average, an employee’s post on Facebook generates 4 clicks. There’s a great potential for you to achieve your marketing goals and grow your business all while supporting your employees’ personal brand and thought leadership.

However, it can be challenging for employees who want to post about their company to easily find the latest company news or any content related to their company or the industry. That’s one of the reasons why BDO in Australia decided to use the internal content hub Smarp.

If you’re considering launching an internal content hub at your workplace to kick-start your employee advocacy program but you don’t know how to get started and which results to expect, you may be interested in learning about BDO in Australia’s success story. Let’s dig in!

A Little Bit of Background: Why Smarp?

Before using Smarp, BDO in Australia’s people didn’t actively share BDO news or any industry-related content with their personal networks. One of the reasons why they didn’t share professional content on a regular basis was because it was challenging for them to find the latest BDO news and interesting content related to their expertise. Indeed, the organisation didn’t have a solution in place to curate in-house and third-party content in one place to make it easy for employees to find and share content they were interested in.

launching-an-internal-content-hub-to-support-employees-personal-brand-minBDO in Australia’s main objective was to help its people to grow their personal brand and thought leadership on social media. The firm wanted its talents to share professional content and start engaging discussions with their clients and contacts on social media so they could support the organisation’s image all while generating new business opportunities.

BDO in Australia Boosts its Reach and Takes its Internal Communication to the Next Level

BDO in Australia has achieved amazing results in terms of social reach and engagement: within nine months, employees have generated 13.94K unique clicks, 13.70K reactions and have reached 3.67M people through their posts on social media.

bdo-in-australia-smarp-success-storyIn parallel to those results, Smarp has helped the organisation to improve its internal communication by making it easy for users to catch up with BDO in Australia but also BDO Global news.

Overall, Smarp helps users to get a better understanding of the organisation’s vision and structure:

“Smarp has been a valued addition to BDO in Australia’s communication channels. We can now connect our team members across the country with BDO and industry content that is matched to their areas of professional expertise. This empowers our people to easily and regularly share business information and insights that can assist our clients and contacts.”

- Rebecca Biddulph, National Digital Marketing Senior Executive

Employees can now find the right content at the right time and share key insights with their colleagues even though they’re from different service lines or located in different cities (BDO in Australia has offices in New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia).

Besides curating content in an effective way, the organisation hosts events such as webinars, regularly shares updates with Smarp users on the most performing content, and provides users with actionable tips to help them grow their social media footprint.

Keeping users posted on the best performing posts and sharing with them best practices on a regular basis also helps the organisation to keep users engaged in the program.

From a social selling perspective, Smarp has helped BDO’s partners and staff to build trust on social media. By sharing informative and engaging content with their clients and contacts, they are creating new sales opportunities.

About BDO in Australia: BDO in Australia is one of the leading accountancy and advisory firms in Australia specialising in audit and assurance, tax, advisory, and business services. Its clients include start-ups and family businesses, private companies, government organisations and large companies operating in a wide range of industries. The firm has been announced as the fastest-growing mid-tier firm in Australia in the Top 100 Accounting Firms Report released by the Australian Financial Review.

Feeling inspired? You may want to download the success story to get the full story!

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