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Peter Banerjea

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Who is Responsible for Internal Communication?

September 08, 2017 / by Peter Banerjea

An increasing number of companies are taking steps to improve their internal communication. However, most companies are not very clear about one thing: Who is responsible for internal communication?


4 Ways to Foster Internal Communication through Knowledge Sharing

August 17, 2017 / by Peter Banerjea

How can you reach better internal communication through knowledge sharing?


6 Powerful Tips for Improving your Internal Communication

May 18, 2017 / by Peter Banerjea

How effective is your internal communication? You need to identify problem areas, set goals and align them with business objectives, use the latest technology, select internal champions, and – of course – invest in your content.


4 Smart Ways to Measure Your Internal Communication

March 07, 2017 / by Peter Banerjea

Did you know that effective internal communication creates tangible financial rewards for businesses?