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Mar 23, 2021

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Smarp Internal Podcasts: A Combination of Technology and Strategic Services

LONDON – March 23rd, 2021 How valuable would it be for your executive team if you were able to make it simple and fast for them to get their message...

LONDON – March 23rd, 2021 How valuable would it be for your executive team if you were able to make it simple and fast for them to get their message out to every employee who needs to hear it? More so, if you did it in a way where they would actually listen?

Announcing Internal Podcast Packages: A combination of internal communications technology and strategic services.

Smarp, the leading employee communications & advocacy platform, has been at the forefront of internal communications technology for over a decade, helping enterprise businesses reach and engage every employee, from corporate to frontline, with the targeted content and information they need to do their best work. 

Our technology powers the workday of 300+ businesses around the world, allowing them to reach their workforce wherever they are, be it on their phones, at their desks, in their email, on Sharepoint (or any other intranet), through Slack, Teams, Workplace by Facebook, or any of their existing digital channels.

One thing we’ve learned is that in order to drive employee engagement in 2021, the formats in which companies deliver information to their employees also need to evolve. Just like they have in our personal lives. To that matter, nothing in recent years has taken off quite as much as podcasts have. People love it. Everybody is doing it.

What’s the difference between a podcast and an internal podcast?

A podcast is something you record and share publicly for anyone who’s interested to find and listen. You publish it on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, etc. 

An internal (company) podcast is meant to be enjoyed only by employees of that company. Having an internal company podcast is, in fact, nothing new. A few forward thinking internal communications professionals have already been experimenting with it.

What’s different about Smarp’s Internal Podcast Packages?

The combination of the Smarp platform, internal podcasts and our seasoned strategic services advisors creates a unique set of benefits for our customers:

1. Solves the #1 problem with podcasts: Knowing who’s listening

Ask anyone running a podcast and they will tell you their biggest challenge is not knowing who is actually listening to it.

By combining the Smarp platform with internal podcasts, you are actually able to see exactly who’s listening to it, what teams and locations are most engaged as well as which topics are resonating with each of these segments. With Smarp’s Workforce Insights, the A.I. powered analytics platform, you can understand exactly what you need to do in order to drive more business impact through your internal podcasts. 

2. Available for employees in every channel they use: Easy to consume

Once you publish your internal podcast on Smarp, it is automatically delivered to all employees (or a set segment) in a variety of channels. Employees can listen to it on their phones, at their desks, find it in their email or even on your existing intranet. If you use Slack, Teams or Workplace by Facebook, it can be automatically delivered there too.

What this means is that employees don’t need to go searching for your internal podcast or learn where it is being published. Each new episode finds your employees on their preferred channels and devices. Magic!

3. Aligns with what executives are already doing (answering questions about the business) 

That’s right. Executives spend a lot of time answering questions about the business, they’re used to it. An internal podcast interview format makes it easy for your executive team to communicate your business message with your workforce the way they know best. It’s faster than writing a piece of communications and less demanding than recording a video.

4. 40+ years of combined internal communications experience 

This is not only about technology, it’s about strategy. Our seasoned strategic services advisors will work with you to understand what it is the business is trying to accomplish, what your company values and culture are and from there, put together not only an editorial calendar for your internal podcast but also host the interviews with your executive team. 

Meet some of Smarp’s Strategic Services team:

Brad Whitworth

An IABC Fellow and Senior Strategic Advisor at Smarp, Brad has led communications programs for Silicon Valley giants like HP, Cisco, PeopleSoft and Micro Focus.

Mike Klein

Mike has years of experience working closely with corporate and political leaders. With a passion for messaging and insight, Mike brings experience driving internal communication initiatives in companies like Shell, Cargill, Maersk and VEON to his role as a Smarp Senior Strategic Advisor.

smarp-internal-podcasts-mike-kleOur mission is to push the boundaries of what’s been done in internal communications. This is not your typical internal podcast. These are designed to be consumed. Think weekly short 5-minute episodes. Something employees can listen to at different points during the day. Different strategic initiatives. A broadcasting channel to delight employees and provide the modern employee experience they expect in 2021.

Smarp’s Internal Podcasts are available now. Contact us to learn more.

About Smarp

Smarp’s mobile-first employee communications platform helps enterprise businesses communicate effectively with their entire workforce, office-based and remote.

Through Smarp, businesses can create, aggregate and automatically deliver personalized content to every employee, while empowering them to amplify select messages externally. The result is an increase in profitability and staff retention rates through a better goal and vision alignment, improved employee experience & productivity, and true brand advocacy.

Over 300 companies across the globe, including Amazon, Marriott, Swarovski, KPMG and L’Oréal trust Smarp to help them better inform and engage their people.

Written by

Bruno Bin

Bruno Bin

Chief Marketing Officer

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