8 Tips to Help You Improve Your Business Writing

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Last updated: October 2, 2017

Business writing is a critical component of communicating professionally and building up a personal brand.

The modern business world is information driven. Whether you communicate by email, messenger, presentation or blogging, your writing skills need to be sharp. If they're not, you could be reflecting a poor image of yourself and it can hurt your personal brand. Want to tighten up your writing skills?

Use these eight tips to get you started.

1. Know what you're trying to say

Before you write anything, think about what the purpose and target audience of the piece will be. If you're sending a text message, for example, you may just want to communicate some information to a colleague. If you're sending out an email campaign or writing a product-focused blog post, you're looking to sell your product to a receptive audience. If you write with your purpose in mind, you'll be successful.

2. Watch your grammar

Poor grammar makes you look sloppy and uncaring about your communications. That's not what you're like at all, but first impressions always count. Work on your grammar to make sure your communications are always clear and well polished. If you need help, try using an online forum such as Paper Fellows to get expert advice.

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3. Practice, practice, practice

Like anything in life, the more you write the better you'll get at it. Try practicing how you'll write important communications before you actually have to send them. You'll find that when it comes to writing the real thing, you'll feel more comfortable and able to give it your all.

4. Always proofread and edit

You should never send out a communication without checking it over first. It's easy to make mistakes in a piece and not notice them until you've sent it. Before you click 'send', read it over and make sure there's nothing that needs to be edited. If you need help, use editing tools and services such as Easy Word Counter, Essayroo, and Boom Essays.

5. Keep it simple

Writing is not about flaunting your vocabulary in a bid to impress the audience. They'll be much more impressed if you can get to the point quickly, without wasting their time. A good way of doing this is to sum up your most important point in your first sentence. Then, you can elaborate on it, if needed, with the rest of the piece. Keep vocabulary simple, and your writing as short as possible.

Keep your writing simple to support your personal brand 

6. Use experts

Sometimes, you just don't think you can handle an important communication. That's ok. It's a valuable skill to recognise when you need help. If you're not happy about writing something, call in the experts. Writing services such as Academized and Best Essay Services can write an entire piece for you, for whatever deadline you set. They can also help you out with writing it yourself, if you just need a helping hand.

7. Use tools available to you

The internet is a wonderful place, and there are tools out there that can make writing a whole lot easier. Use them whenever you need to. For example, Convert Case will convert text back to lower case if you accidentally left caps lock on, and Cite It In will give you the correct citation for any source that you use in text.

8. Write a draft

You may not have drafted a piece of writing since you were at school, but it's a habit you should pick up again. Whether it’s a blog post or important update, write your piece, then leave it for a while. When you come back to it, it's much easier to see the changes that you'll need to make.

Good writing is a skill anyone can pick up. Use these tools and you'll be on your way to impress with your communication and an established online personal brand.

Mary Walton is an editor at Australian assignment help service. She works as a freelancer HR; and edits professional resumes at ResumentionMary has an educational blog Simple Grad, there you can find useful info on college life and college tips.

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Mary Walton
June 06, 2017