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Jun 14, 2016

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7 Tactics for Maintaining Good Customer Relations

If customers are ultimately responsible for the survival of the business, keeping your customers happy is never work wasted.

If customers are ultimately responsible for the survival of the business, keeping your customers happy is never work wasted.


Full customer satisfaction is (or certainly should be) the goal of any business. As a customer care or sales executive, you should see at least to the following points to ensure that client relations are on point:



When interacting with your customers, make sure that you listen to what they have to say, instead of simply charging on with your agenda. Allowing them to voice their thoughts is not only valuable in terms of feedback, but it allows for a more lucrative sales process.


Respect in customer dealings is paramount to having it reciprocated. You can never afford to be rude; a single bad case is enough to bring down a reputation. Remember that as a sales or customer care executive, your behavior will ultimately speak for the entire business.

Customer success

This is a factor of high importance in maintaining good customer relationships. Provide clients with full support and a caring attitude, so that they can help you improve the business. When implemented well, both parties have heaps to gain from this collaboration.

Trust and genuinity

Always keep the customers informed of any large-scale upcoming changes within your company. This will go a long way in building their trust. Also, never make fake promises or statements (slow, certain death to trust).

Prompt responses

Provide excellent sales service, along with prompt and enthusiastic responses from the customer care unit. This will make customers feel important and seek your services in the future.

New ways to support

You should always think about new policies for supporting customer care, such as amping up customer support, dividing contacts on the basis of departments for different types of sales and so on. Improvement should be a continuous process, not a fleeting investment.


Humbleness is important in terms of responsibility for all customer inconveniences. Remember “The customer is always right”? Whatever the word around town, this still rings very true.


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