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Jan 02, 2021

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5 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

Social media marketing is always changing and offering businesses new ways to connect with and engage their audience. We’ve compiled a list of 5 top...


Social media marketing is always changing and offering businesses new ways to connect with and engage their audience.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 top social media marketing trends you need to consider to kick-start 2021! Some of them withstand the test of time and others have emerged in the last few years and continue growing:

#1 Trend: Employee Advocacy on Social Media

As social media helps people become influencers in their industry, businesses can leverage their employees to grow brand awareness and increase sales.

Employee advocacy means the promotion of a business message or campaign through their employees’ own networks. Your employees have a larger network than what your business may be able to reach organically, so by sharing company news and product updates, employees can get more people interested in the brand.

employee-advocacy-social-media-marketing-trend-minEmployee advocacy also helps employees feel more engaged in the company. They are encouraged to share valuable content, create their own posts, share their colleagues’ posts and discuss them. They are also able to build their own personal brand by being recognised as a thought leader in the industry.

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#2 Trend: Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Besides employees, companies can also work with well-known industry influencers on social media campaigns. This trend continues to skyrocket, as many brands are seeing a large return on investment from sponsored campaigns run with influencers.

The campaign types may vary, but many influencers work with brands to share product reviews, best practices, giveaways, coupon codes, or even company news on their own channels. They then share a company’s website or social information and invite their audience to try the brand’s latest products. Top influencers that have hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of followers across different social media platforms can often bring in thousands of dollars of revenue for brands.

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#3 Trend: Live Streaming

According to Pew Research Center, Facebook and YouTube are the top social media platforms used in the United States, with respectively 68 percent and 73 percent of Internet users visiting each site on a regular basis. One thing these social media platforms have in common is that they allow you to do live streams on their profiles.

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Live streaming can be a great way to grow your brand’s online audience and get potential customers engaged with your products. And to increase engagement, you can alert subscribers whenever you go live so you can get more people watching and engaging in real time.

#4 Trend: Temporary Content

Snapchat currently has about 188 million daily active users. To compete with Snapchat’s main feature of content that disappears after 24 hours (or after someone views it in a private message), Instagram rolled out Instagram stories in 2016 and has since grown it to include live streams (something that isn’t available to Snapchat’s regular users).

instagram-social-media-marketing-trend-minThe temporary content feature of these platforms is a great social media trend to experiment with because it creates a sense of FOMO for users. They know that your content is only going to be visible for 24 hours, so they want to make sure they view it before they aren’t able to. Try featuring your employees and showing off your products on your Snapchat or Instagram Story timeline to see if temporary content will work for your business.

#5 Trend: Cross-Platform Integration

Many digital marketing mediums now offer integration with social media. This means that external content (like an email newsletter) can be automatically shared via social media as soon as it goes out to users. With new options and integrations popping up every day, it is worth continuing to use cross-platform integrations on a regular basis.

Likewise, API tools allow e-commerce stores to make sales automatically in Facebook groups or pages through user interaction. For example, you can automatically prepare invoices and integrate with Shopify to allow customers to make purchases through Facebook (instead of having to spend the time to start the process on a company’s website).

When possible, see if the SaaS tools you are using can integrate with your social media networks in any way that can help grow your audience, sales, and engagement.


Social media marketing managers have to innovate, especially in highly competitive industries. To stand out from the competition and engage audience, they need to find new ways to connect with customers, such as live streaming, influencer marketing and employee advocacy on social media. Stay on top of the latest social media marketing trends to stand out from the crowd!

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