5 Reasons Why Peer-generated Content Breeds Trust

5 reasons why peer-generated content breeds trust /
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Last updated: October 31, 2016

Individuals have the power to persuade their peers. This power can be increased, if testimonials are available for would-be customers about products and services from like-minded people.

Peer-generated brand content is more likely to be trusted by consumers it is a first-hand testimonial over a brand trying to make a sale. Up to 75 % of the general population make decisions, overcome concerns, or are warned about the risks of brands on the basis of conversations with peers. * We give you 5 reasons why peer-generated content is more trustworthy than corporate branding:


1) Authenticity

Employees’ and customers’ content allows potential clients access to testimonials that are authentic and which they can identify with. Uploaded photos by fans and honest ratings reveal much more than catalogue photos and hard sales copy. More time is dedicated to exploring this type of content by potential customers, because it enables them to view the brand and its products in the context of real life.


2) Loyalty

A brand that gets closer to their fans breeds loyalty and trust. Seeing the faces behind a brand, i.e. the faces of the employees or its consumers, can encourage prospects to get in touch with a company. Consumer content also allows brands to better understand the thoughts and opinions on their services and products, which can bring about future modifications and improvements. 


3) Social Recognition

Peer-generated content is living proof that a brand has convinced people of making a purchase. Employees posting positive material on their employer attests to the company’s nature as an employer. Consumers are delighted when they get to to see how companies work and look in reality, and what benefits there are to them, as revealed by actual experience. In contrast, brands will not always give away that which does not work, in one way or the next, towards a sale.


4) Trustworthy Marketers

Word-of-mouth content equals real people taking photos and making statements. When this content is distributed around the world through social media, messages are sent between friends, families and followers; the best marketers to your brand. These networks are trusted to do things in their own interest and to provide honest opinions on services. Trust is one step closer towards establishing customer relations.


5) Community Creation

Peer-generated content is a great tool for connecting people with others of similar interests. A brand’s fans taking photos of their products, or employees sharing insights to its services brings people together for a single cause. It is not an expectations vs. reality type of let-down, when the purpose is to simply educate. It’s a community of truth; though not of a single truth, but multiple truths  as diverse as the group of people behind them.

*Source: Edelman Trust Barometer 2016 Q371-589.

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