4 Things Positive Employer Brands Get Right

brands.png May 04, 2017 / Annika Rautakoura
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Last updated: May 12, 2017

Positive employer brands manage to nail a few things that matter. Company culture, a job-optimized site, an online presence and loyal employees – look no further.

Companies with solid employer brands get twice as many applicants (Betterteam). They can attract talent that is motivated from the start, and thus build a brand that reflects their mission and culture well. 

Employer branding is a process of amplifying the organization's strongest aspects and being at the right place at the right time. 

Every employer brand is unique. But if you look at successful employer brands, what do they have in common?

They have a culture based on shared values

The way you treat your current employees is a clear indication of how you would treat your future employees, and prospective applicants know this. So, if you want to have a positive brand based on your company culture, you should invest in building a culture that truthfully reflects the brand values. The employees will, in turn, engage in positive word of mouth and online brand advocacy.

When it comes to investing in company culture, for example, Google allocated plenty of resources to a project to find out how their employees are able to maintain a work-life balance. The end result? Both the company and employees were more aware of the general state of wellbeing, and the organization signalled to employees that their needs are valued by the employer. 

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They have a job-optimized site

Having a site that is job-optimized does not mean just listing jobs but creating a certain brand image with your career site. When visitors find not only the information they’re looking for but also stories employees have to tell about their employer and themselves, they can get a glimpse into what the organization is like to work for.

Don't forget the importance of being mobile-optimized – mobile phone users are expected to amount to 6.1 billion by the year 2020.

They invest in an online presence

Building up an online presence and a name that is recognizable really matter for attracting prospects your way. This means being active and promoting your brand on social media, while making it useful for jobseekers. Be present, be approachable, and be engaging to ensure that applicants will be eager to join you, not run away.

They have loyal employees

Organizations with strong employer brands have 28% lower turnover rates, compared to weak employer brands. In addition to attracting passive candidates, a good employer brand will go a long way in retaining your top talent, reducing the costs of having a high turnover rate.

4 Things Organizations with Successful Employer Brands Have in Common

Invest in a positive employer brand

Employer branding is a way to manage your reputation, attract new talent and boost your business. Start with your strongest asset, your employees, and make sure they share their knowledge and experiences on to their networks.

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