4 Employee Engagement Articles You Need to Read

Employee engagement articles to read May 23, 2017 / Smarp
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Last updated: May 23, 2017

We compiled a list of interesting employee engagement articles for you to read.

Employee engagement is not a buzzword, or a privilege reserved for a select few companies with the resources to invest in it. It’s something that impacts every single company, most noticeably when it’s lacking.

Improving employee engagement is something all organizations should pay attention to, whether they’re looking to invest in company culture, management or employee motivation.

We gathered a list of some of the best employee engagement articles out there to help you.

The Definitive Guide to Employee Engagement

This is more of a complete guide on employee engagement by Snack Nation, broken down by articles on the relevant segments involved. Employee engagement is a multifaceted combination that ties back to communication, values, roles, health, relationships, recognition, management, personal growth – and all of these combined. You can read about all of these components.

Read the full article here.

49 Employee Engagement Ideas (The Ultimate Cheat Sheet Your Team Will Love)

Employee engagement is not a simple feat any organization. This article lists 49 tips for aligning employees with each other and with the organization. From onboarding and hiring guidance to creating an authentic mission statement, the long list contains some tips and tricks for all kinds of engagement needs.

Read the full article here.

How to boost employee engagement

The Right Culture: Not About Employee Happiness

Focusing simply on employee happiness, when it comes to employee engagement, is misguided, this article by Gallup states. “The primary emphasis should be on elements that engage workers and drive results”, although happiness is often a byproduct of being engaged at work. Setting clear expectations, giving the opportunity for employees to live up to their best skills, development and feedback matter here.

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5 Companies Getting Employee Engagement Right

This article on entrepreneur.com lists 5 examples of employee engagement built effectively in the workplace. Obviously, this is just a small slice of organizations that have successfully engaged their employees, but they have done so in resourceful means. For example, Full Contact gives their employees $7,500 annually to go a paid vacation, with the condition of employees not doing any work-related activities so that they can return to work fully recovered and rested. How’s that for engagement.

Read the full article here.

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