3 Digital Workplace Predictions for 2018

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Last updated: December 28, 2017

At this time of the year, I’ve usually written about my Employee Advocacy predictions for the next year. A year ago I predicted, for instance, that there would be more mobile than desktop users for Employee Advocacy, which held true for the most part as the mobile intranet use case became more commonplace.

This time, however, I won’t be writing just Employee Advocacy predictions, because my 1st prediction is that “Employee Advocacy will actually become more of a feature than a platform itself in the new ecosystem of apps replacing the old way of communicating via intranet and emails. The new ecosystem, or the digital workplace if you will, consists of 4 building blocks:

  1. User management
  2. File management
  3. Chat & collaboration
  4. Content & knowledge sharing

Enterprise communications ecosystem

Companies have traditionally been focusing on the first three, but haven’t paid so much attention to how to make knowledge and content flow seamlessly within the organization and allow their employees to participate and tailor the incoming content according to their interests. Hence the companies that do invest in the 4th building block of the digital workplace will gain a significant advantage compared to the companies that fail to grasp the importance of a knowledge sharing culture.

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Prediction number 2:Communications will become more employee driven” instead of company driven both in terms of internal and external communications. In today’s knowledge economy the strength of organizations lies in the knowledge of their employees. We strongly believe that the future of communications is (and should be) employee driven and forward-thinking companies will leverage software that enable the transformation of communications to be more transparent, engaging, and inclusive of employees.

Top-down vs. employee driven communication

That leads me conveniently to my 3rd and last prediction: “Growth companies will embrace knowledge sharing and drive the change”. By definition, growth companies want to disrupt and change the status quo. Changing from a top down communications model to an employee driven one is a big change for larger organizations, so it makes sense that the companies spearheading the change will be growth companies that depend on the free flow, timeliness, and actionability of information in order to challenge the established providers.

These are my knowledge sharing predictions for 2018. Our product vision is to be the number one place where employees find and share professional content and we are excited to be part of this ongoing transformation and helping companies tackle extremely important and hard to solve issues like employee engagement and information silos.

Let us know in the comments what you think of our predictions and most importantly what are your predictions and top priorities for 2018?

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