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May 09, 2019

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3 Reasons Why Employee Experience Should Be Your Number One Priority

Measuring employee happiness, employee satisfaction and employee engagement is no longer enough to understand how your employees feel about your...


Measuring employee happiness, employee satisfaction and employee engagement is no longer enough to understand how your employees feel about your company. More and more HR professionals are measuring employee experience to get a better understanding of how employees feel about their job.

It’s easy to think that employee experience begins with a good salary and ends with some nice perks, but there’s much more to it than that! Employee experience (EX) goes far beyond your employees’ salaries, benefits, and working conditions to encompass every single interaction that your employees have with the company and its staff.

As Forbes columnist and What Great Brands Do author Denise Lee Yohn puts it, employee experience is “everything an employee experiences throughout his or her connection to the organization". That includes opportunities for your employees to advance to more senior positions and interactions like one-on-one feedback sessions that motivate your employees to deliver great results.

You might be used to focus on improving customer experience but remember that your employees are the ones who interact with your customers. When your company delivers a superior employee experience, it engenders high employee engagement, spreading a positive attitude across the organization that spills over into the interactions your employees are having with customers. There are even numbers to prove it: Harvard Business Review highlights that companies that deliver on good employee experience are included twice as often in the American Customer Satisfaction Index and are 28 times more likely to appear in Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative Companies.

top-reasons-why-employee-experience-matters-minWith the rise of employer review sites like Glassdoor, companies can’t hide their EX issues anymore. The ones that build strong employee experience are praised and recommended, and those that fall short are outed and shunned. Research shows that businesses that focus on employee experience are 11.5 times more likely to appear on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list. Also, they are included in LinkedIn’s list of Most In-Demand Employers 4.4 times more often – in short, employee experience has a tremendous impact on talent attraction and retention.

Although companies that offer good EX are consistently ranked as top companies to work for, many businesses remain uncertain about how or even why they should shape their corporate culture around employee experience.

Here are three standout reasons why making employee experience your top priority is in your own best interests.

1. A Great Employee Experience Reduces Employee Turnover

Ideally, you want your best employees to stay at your company, gain more skills and experience, reinvest that wisdom and experience into the business, and make your company even better.

The talent wars have been raging for many years, and keeping employee loyalty high is getting more and more challenging. 

When you create a strong employee experience, it makes your employees eager to stay with your company. Poor employee experience prompts workers to leave your company, which hits your revenue with a double whammy – you have to spend an average of $4,129 to make a new hire, plus you lose the priceless value of your employee’s business experience and company knowledge.

2. A Strong Employee Experience Increases Employee Productivity

Delivering good EX means more than providing cool perks and flexible working hours. It goes hand in hand with spotting your best talent, finding ways for employees to improve their professional skills, and ushering them into the roles that make the best use of their abilities.

If you succeed in creating a corporate culture grounded in a positive employee experience, you’ll have the right workers in the right positions. As a result, your employees will be willing to go the extra mile because they know that their efforts will be noticed and rewarded. With good employee experience, you’ll be able to make the most of the abilities of your employees.

3. Focusing on Employee Experience Can Help You Attract Top Talent

Good employee experience generates a virtuous cycle that keeps bringing in more benefits to your business. When you create a great employee experience, you increase employee engagement and as a side effect, engaged employees are more inclined to share your content and talk positively about your company on social media.

great-employee-experience-increases-productivity-in-the-workplace-minThis employer branding layer of employee advocacy rewards you twice over. Firstly, it boosts your brand image among potential customers who trust your employees twice as much as they trust your brand messaging. And secondly, employee advocacy impacts your ability to develop your talent pool.

Among its other uses, social media has become a central part of any job search. What’s more, the top 20% of applicants value businesses with visibly happy and fulfilled employees. When asked if they would consider quitting their current job to move to a company with a positive company culture, 84% of employees agreed. When you make employee experience your top priority, you position your company as the winner – the one top-quality candidates want to join.

Employee Experience Is the Keystone of Your Business

Good employee experience drives employee productivity, increases employee engagement, and helps you attract and keep top talent.

EX management should be considered as the key to building a successful business. When you deliver a superior employee experience, you increase employee engagement, improve the corporate culture, and attract top talent. It’s time to place employee experience at the top of your priority list!

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