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Oct 10, 2017

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3 Reasons Why Employee Advocacy Creates Higher Employee Engagement

What are the top benefits of Employee Advocacy for employee engagement?

What are the top benefits of Employee Advocacy for employee engagement?

You know that Employee Advocacy contributes to your company’s branding efforts. But you may be wondering what it has to do with engaging your employees. The fact is, Employee Advocacy programs have several indirect benefits - including higher employee engagement.

According to Altimeter, 40% of companies expect an increase in employee engagement after investing in Employee Advocacy and 25% of companies measure the impact of advocacy on engagement and retention.

It’s no secret that your best-performing employees are usually the most engaged. Star performers contribute substantially more to your bottom line than ‘good’ performers. However, according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace study, only 13% of employees are engaged.

Organizations have been struggling for years to improve engagement levels. However, now they have a tool at their disposal which has a substantial impact on engagement – Employee Advocacy.

Here are three reasons why Employee Advocacy increases employee engagement.

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1. A Feeling of Greater Involvement

As human beings, we are drawn to activities where we feel that we are capable of making a tangible impact. Similarly, employees who feel that their contribution is making a tangible difference to the company’s performance are more satisfied with their work.

In the Altimeter Group Study, employees were asked how they felt about sharing work-related content. The most common response was “I feel more connected and enthusiastic about the company I work for.” In other words, they felt more engaged.

But why do people feel ‘more connected and enthusiastic?’

That’s because employee advocacy empowers people to represent the company – online as well as offline. They know that by sharing the company’s content, they are playing a direct role in promoting the company. That gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the company.

The more ownership people take, the more engaged they become.

2. Personal Branding

Today, talented performers want more than just a salary – they also want recognition. Any company which helps them gain recognition will score high on employee engagement metrics.

An increasing number of employees are becoming aware of the importance of building their personal brands in advancing their careers. They aspire to be recognized as experts in the industry. That’s why there has been an explosion of content created by individual employees (not just companies) on platforms like LinkedIn and Medium.

The best companies know that they can leverage people’s ambitions for their own benefit. Employees who are influencers on social media actively contribute to the brand’s reputation.

Any company which has an active Employee Advocacy platform is giving them the necessary platform for building their personal brands. This is a valuable non-monetary perk which adds to work satisfaction – and engagement!

Employee advocacy for personal branding

3. A Domino Effect

Employee Advocacy creates a domino effect on your company’s employee engagement. This works in two ways.

Firstly, if a few key people start sharing content on social media, it also encourages other people to share. That’s the fundamental principle behind how social platforms like Facebook have grown – by encouraging people to become part of a community.

However, when you use an Employee Advocacy platform like Smarp, you take Employee Advocacy to an entirely new level. You don’t just encourage people, you excite them! That’s because these platforms create a gamification effect. People can easily see what other people are sharing, and the most active employees in a single dashboard.

This creates an atmosphere of excitement and friendly competition about who can drive the most engagement. This feeling of excitement and community has a huge impact on employee engagement.

Secondly, when a few of your people share knowledge, it encourages other employees to learn more about your industry and the business. That gradually creates a company culture that thrives on knowledge. And any culture which is knowledge driven is a more engaged culture – where people want to accomplish more.

The more people learn, the more empowered they feel to innovate and apply something new to take their performance to the next level.


If you decide to invest in launching an Employee Advocacy initiative, expect exponential gains! The moment your employees start becoming more engaged, you are on the path towards stellar profitability.

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Peter Banerjea

Peter Banerjea

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