10 Engaging Social Media Facts for Professionals - Infographic

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Last updated: October 9, 2017

Whether you’re in marketing, recruiting or sales, social media platforms can definitely work in your favor. Social media is a crucial part of a digital strategy in any industry, and its role is growing exponentially.

Creating your online presence on several social media channels and implementing a well-thought content marketing strategy will help you build a unique digital brand and attract new business. Social media can help increase reach, website traffic, brand awareness, and engagement, and also attract valuable leads. It's a place to start discussions. 

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Recruiting has never been more effective than today, with recruiters being able to attract and hire the best talents via social channels. Social selling through content has altered the ways of selling and how people interact with brands.

We created an informative infographic on up-to-date social media statistics and figures for your pleasure and interest. Find it right below!



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Orsolya Harkai
February 23, 2017