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What if Employee Advocacy Was Used to Raise Money for Charity?

business_men_big_city.png August 12, 2014 / Mikael Lauharanta

We have been paving the way for Employee Advocacy for quite some time already. Nonetheless, we keep learning and discovering new best practices from discussions with our clients and other industry thought leaders each and every day. In this blog I would like to share with you the latest emerging trend and an interesting twist to engaging employees with Employee Advocacy: charity rewards.

We are always asked what type of content works well within an Employee Advocacy program. The list is endless, so a quick way to answer it is with another question: “What type of professional content would you like to share to your networks?” If your employer is doing something good for the community, wouldn’t that be something you would like to tell the world? Corporate social responsibility is a logical answer, but it does not have to stop there.

What if Employee Advocacy was actually used to raise money for charities the employees care about?

Like in many other Employee Advocacy platforms, employees using SmarpShare accumulate points for their activity. In addition to claiming rewards for themselves, employees can actually use their points to influence, which charities their employer supports, by donating their points to the causes they care about. (The employer then makes a monetary donation based on how many points employees have given to a certain cause for example). This way employees feel a lot more engaged, because they can have a legitimate say in what the company is doing for the community and they can do something good for it themselves.

Using charity rewards to engage employees is just one of many discoveries we have made during the amazing time we have had trailblazing the Employee Advocacy ideology, and there is hopefully many more to come. It is a great motivator for us and something to keep in mind for everybody else pondering employee advocacy as well, because sans an engaging motive, your employee advocates are just rebels without a cause.

rebel without a cause