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We Are All Marketers - Embrace it!

girl_taking_photo.png April 28, 2015 / Veera Pyhäjärvi

In today’s increasingly connected world we all have the opportunity to spread messages to large audiences in a blink of an eye. Furthermore, we have the power to give the messages a face, and make them appear more trustworthy and powerful to our audiences. Indeed, we are all marketers!

In the end of the day, social media wasn’t made for companies. It’s all about people and human to human communication. Companies that build their social media presence relying solely on their marketing team and brand communications are ignoring a very essential part of brand building – their employees. By sharing inspiring content, employees can increase their company’s reach and credibility, and thus, contribute to the brand they represent. However, the company is not the only one benefiting from employee advocacy.

Frequently, I’ve come across with the question: Why would our employees want to share company related content to their social media networks? I’ll try to answer to this through my own personal motives. Below are my three personal reasons to take part in the Employee Advocacy game.


My 3 Shades of Vested Interest

  1. No denying, I have a vested interest in our company’s success. I contribute to Smarp’s marketing communications by sharing our company and industry related content to my personal social networks as I want to be successful in my work. The more successful I am at my work the more successful our company is.

  2. Social media plays an important role in today’s labor market. The truth is, Employee Advocacy is not just about building a company’s brand but also about building employees’ own personal brands. By sharing professional content on social media, I am able to participate in the discussions that are related to my expertise.

  3. I want to share content that is valuable to people in my social media networks. I am happy to share information to my networks that can be professionally interesting and beneficial for them.

Recipe for Success: Empower Your Employees

The nature and depth of the employer-employee –relationship can be weighed by asking the profound question of: “Do my employees want to act as employee advocates?”. Employees who feel appreciated and think their work is meaningful, are more likely to be enthusiastic ambassadors. Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business.

Nonetheless, it is important to train employees for social media and provide them with the information they need. In order to prevail in a clear understanding of how employees can be spokespeople for their brands, the following questions should be answered: Why, where, when, and especially what content one should and could share on social media? I personally used to be confused about all these questions. Not having a clear understanding, I ended up staying quiet. Better safe than sorry, I thought.

Companies that actively seek to increase the understanding of how their employees can take part in their communication efforts and encourage their employees to become the voice for their brand, can empower their engaged employee advocates. Look at me now; from an insecure passive ambassador I’ve come a long way to writing my first own blog post :)