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Use A Variety Of Mediums To Boost Employee Advocacy Results

blogikuva.jpg December 17, 2015 / Joonas Villanen

People love to see other people. People like to hear from other people. Just think about it - We have multiple social networks through which we connect with long lost friends, family members, work acquaintances, and sometimes even with people we barely know. 



The reason is far more complicated than I make it sound. But, simply put, we love to see other people fail, succeed, do silly things, or we’re just plain curious and envious. And when we see people doing things that we would like to do, we want to share our emotions, like excitement, happiness, envy, laughter and so on.

Sharing is belonging and we, humans, have an inner need to belong - it being to a professional pack of coders, entrepreneurs or something else entirely.

And if you're serious about boosting your results, you have to provoke emotions, and sometimes text just doesn’t cut it! That’s why it is best to include multiple mediums when launching (or updating) your employee advocacy program.  


To optimize your efforts, understand how different channels work

One of the biggest mistakes we make is that we treat social channels equally. The psychology of use is different in each. Whereas Facebook and Pinterest are very visual channels, Twitter and Linkedin are more suitable for conversations and professional updates. 

“Serve your customer what they want, where they want it!” 




Here are a few mediums that you can start using today

The simple fact is, not everyone is a great writer. But you have to give a chance for employees to use the talent they have. Some might be great photographers or presenters. For you, as a brand, the biggest mistake is to limit yourself and produce nothing but written content. Come on, open up and have some fun with Employee Advocacy. 


Blogs are great

Let’s face it, blogs are the cornerstone of modern marketing. Not only do they offer a great platform for you to help your customers, but blogs make your brand visible to search engines.

When you have your employees blog, though, allow them to use the tone that is natural for them.

Offer support for writing, but do not dictate how they write. That said, here are a few things that you can have your employees write about:

  • Let them write about their daily work.
  • Let them share and discuss lessons learned
  • Have them vision the future
  • Let them share tips and helpful content about your product or service

Photos add another dimension

People love seeing other people. Photos are a great way to show what it is like to work for your company. The little things that would otherwise go unnoticed make great content for social media. Have your employees share the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

To get started, you can do the following:

  • Arrange a phone to be used for Instagram photos and assign weekly turns
  • Ask people to share photos and reward those who do
  • Introduce your people and what they do
  • Document events and happenings

Video is hard but totally worth it

Video is HOT, and video is everywhere. This blog is long enough without me telling you about all the benefits. But I’ll tell you this: Video can engage with your audiences like no other media. Video increases trust, it makes people more likely to buy, it helps you communicate more efficiently, and let's face it, a lot of people like to watch videos over text.

Unfortunately, video is perceived to be difficult to produce, expensive to buy, and timely to execute. It doesn’t have to be, though. We all have high definition video cameras in our pockets. And with a few little tricks, you can make an impact and have your videos scream quality.

So, to get started, you can try these:

  • Grab your cell phone and have one of your experts explain part of your product or service
  • Ask your employees what made them happy today
  • Shoot behind the scenes material to show what kind of place your company is to work for
  • Have your employees do vlogs. Share a thought a day!

Audio can scale your content production

Audio, like podcasts, are quite a new way of communicating to audiences. The beauty of it is that it can consumed literally anywhere and it can be scaled quite quickly.

Podcasts need more time and effort to produce, but there are other ways to have audio part of your content offering.

For example, you can read your blog out loud to a phone, record it and throw it into SoundCloud. Or, alternatively, you can interview a colleague, record it, share it and write it open to a blog later on. Easy and fast.

Psst! No one is perfect from the get go so record and listen to yourself without publishing anything. When you do this, you’ll get used to your own voice which makes it easier to publish future recordings.



Planning is good but don’t let it stop you from trying new things. There is plenty of good content out there and, by using various media forms, you can stand out from the competition. Most importantly, have fun with the content, and when you do, you’ll see a growth peak in your audiences. Until the next time!

Joonas Villanen
December 17, 2015

by Joonas Villanen