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How to Scale Your Social Selling Strategy

February 10, 2017 / by Mark Schenker

The key to any successful social selling strategy is how you interact with your leads on social media. Social selling is defined as the use of social media to directly engage with prospects. Direct engagement should be providing highly relevant content to prospects and answering their questions.


Influencer Insights, Part 12: Ann Handley

January 27, 2017 / by Perry Betts

In order to fuel the best marketing, we need stories and art. Putting the value of your audience first is the essence of great content, says Ann Handley.


A Simple Guide for Mastering User-Generated Content

January 12, 2017 / by Ben Beck

Take a good, hard look at your current content marketing strategy. Who is responsible for developing and creating content for your business? Maybe it’s your marketing team, a marketing agency, a freelance content or copywriter, or maybe even YOU. You may find that you and your team struggle to find fresh, unique, and compelling content ideas, or you simply may not have the time for content creation at all.


The Biggest Dos and Don'ts of Content Marketing

December 15, 2016 / by Nicki Escudero

The majority of brands – perhaps yours, too – are using content in their marketing arsenal, but the majority don't consider their efforts to be effective. In its 2016 Content Marketing Trends research, the Content Marketing Institute found while 76 percent of B2C businesses and 88 percent of B2B businesses use content marketing, only 38 percent of B2C businesses and 30 percent of B2B businesses find their organizations to be successful. How much time and energy is being wasted because these organizations aren't using the right tactics? 


Employee Advocacy Myths Revisited

December 13, 2016 / by Annika Rautakoura

Employee Advocacy relies on organizations and their employees making the most out of their social media presence for branding and communication purposes. It is an initiative that requires some social maturity and a shared brand vision. However, there are some myths out there that brands have about Employee Advocacy; how it works and what the program means for the employer and employees.


Solving Employees' Content Creation Challenges with Employee Advocacy

December 08, 2016 / by Markus Linden

The volume of content is increasing exponentially. Reportedly, 73% of B2B marketers are producing more content than they did a year ago (Content Marketing Institute). With over 2 million blog posts published every day (MarketingProfs), standing out from the crowd is getting more and more difficult.


Content Marketing Predictions for 2017

December 02, 2016 / by Annika Rautakoura

The digital marketing landscape has truly been reshaped in recent years, which means more and more turbulence for content marketers in the years to come.


Driving Content Marketing Through Employee Advocacy

November 29, 2016 / by Smarp

We believe in the power of individuals and content. With native advertising losing momentum and the digital landscape becoming more hectic, individuals now have the power to influence and educate others with the content they post.


Marketing Automation Primer: Why You Need It & Choosing a Solution

October 31, 2016 / by Ben Beck

Opting for a marketing automation tool is a big decision, but it pays off in the long run.


How to Turn Your (Awesome) Content Idea Into Several

October 27, 2016 / by Annika Rautakoura

“Never settle for the first draft” is something that skilled content creators know to be true. You shouldn’t settle for the first idea that comes your way, either. Ideas are diamonds to be polished, and they will only shine after the right amount of planning and optimizing. Oh, and eliminating the waste.