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Smarp Receives Best Culture to Perform Award

table with plants.png December 20, 2016 / Mikko Koskinen

We are very proud to inform that Smarp has been awarded with the Best Culture to Perform Award by Itim International. This is a great honor and one that helps us to measure the way we implement our culture into everyday work even better.

During the summer of 2016, we did an organization-wide cultural survey among our employees together with Itim. The purpose of the survey was to align our culture with our business strategy and gain knowledge on how we can build an even stronger culture to support our growth. Before the survey took place, we defined our culture and strategy within the management team. This way we could compare the results from the survey to our ideal culture. We also made some actionable plans for the future for making our culture even stronger.

Based on the survey and action plan, Itim recognized that our culture is, in fact, very much in line with our overall business strategy. We are very proud to have a tangible and open culture that is aligned with our values and supports our growth!

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Company culture is crucial for success

From the HR point of view, nothing matters more than to have a company of people working towards a shared culture and business strategy. Especially as a company that supports employees as its best asset through Employee Advocacy, alignment around a single strategy is crucial. Although the survey shows that we are doing things right, there are still some aspects that we need to pay attention to and need to keep on working with.

You should never underestimate the power of company culture when it comes to business success. Culture will always be something that Smarp will nurture and invest in because, ultimately, it is the people who determine the success of a company. 

The Definitive Guide to Employee Advocacy

Mikko Koskinen
December 20, 2016

by Mikko Koskinen