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Make Customer Experience Everyone’s Job

2545318262_0f3cd27ea8_o_2-182062-edited.png January 28, 2016 / Katriina Maanoja

Recently, Econsultancy.com released 2016 Digital Trends Briefing as part of their Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing series in association with Adobe*. In the briefing, Econsultancy.com explores the challenges in turning data into insight. 

Altogether, the study is an interesting read, especially, one particular sentence caught my eye: “Customer experience is impacted by every channel and interaction, and therefore almost every department within a company, whether digital or not.” When you stop  to think about it, it is actually quite obvious. Potential customer don't spend time analyzing which department, tool or technology was responsible for a particular experience. They just experience it and build their brand preferences on the go.


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Indeed, we want to have the best customer services team serving our customers, but in today’s complex world it can prove to be insufficient. We can no longer control or limit the channels our customers use to interact with our brand and hence we cannot trust selected teams to take the whole responsibility of customer experience. In other words, we have lost the control over the customer. Customers are active in various channels 24/7 – whether you are present there or not. They don’t wait to see if you have the resources to serve them. If they do not find you, they’ll find someone else to serve them. Customers are evaluating new opportunities all the time.

Does it sound like an impossible task? What if we would turn the whole thing the other way round? Just think how many employees are already there, meeting your customers every day! Even those who you would expect not to; product developers, office maintenance staff, financial officers, etc. Your best experts. They are all present in same social media networks where your customers are. Every single day.

So why wouldn’t you ask their help? Mandate your employees to be your eyes and ears. Train them to become your voice. Econsultancy.com briefing states: “Even among those companies who rated themselves as advanced in terms of customer experience maturity, only 33% said that responsibility for CX spanned the entire organisation.”  Maybe Employee Advocacy could play a role in increasing the figure?

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Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, 2016 Digital Trends by Econsultancy.com in association with Adobe