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Invest in Your Employees’ Social Media Skills – It’s Worth Every Penny

Invest in your employees social capital June 25, 2015 / Katriina Maanoja

Last year 72% of all internet users were active on social media (22 Social Media Facts and Statistics You Should Know in 2014). It means that most probably you - as well as people sitting next to you - are active on Facebook more or less frequently. In addition to FB, we might run into each other on Twitter, Instagram or even on Pinterest. Mostly we use social media for personal purposes, it is a fun and exciting way to interact with friends, share experiences and meet new people.


Building professional relationships online

Eventually, we have started to grow an idea of professional online communities as well. We have begun to increase the number of our connections on LinkedIn and occasionally we might feel encouraged enough to share an odd update. The most active ones might even write a LinkedIn blog to get more publicity for their cause. In any case, we are mostly just starting the journey in today’s increasingly complex social business environment.

Although we might be beginners in professional networking online, I believe most of us would be more than keen on boosting our professional brand online – if only we knew how. Professional networking online is such a new phenomenon, that most of us are still somewhat unsure how to best utilize social media in this context; how to get our talent visible, what kind of content to share on professional networks, how to best find it, where and when to share it.

tech_gadgets.jpgAnd what would be a better way to learn these tips and tricks than a social media training organized by the company? For us employees, it would be priceless to hear corporate communication wizards providing answers to our open questions, helping us to build our professional brand and understand how to master professional social media and different channels there.

In return for time and money invested, social media training offers companies an extremely easy way to build trust and empowerment that will result in efficient Employee Advocacy. It is a handy way to motivate employees to act as spokespersons for the brand and establish clear understanding on how to best do that.


Online branding

In addition, this knowledge is essential in order to protect employer’s brand reputation. A recent study by Altimeter Group shows that only 45% of employees have a clear understanding of what they should and should not do on social channels when it comes to company-related topics. Social media training issued by the company helps to ensure that employees are on top of company practices; what should you share and what is considered as inappropriate, confidential, or sensitive. This kind of employee trust cannot be built just by rolling out a set of guidelines, as there must be a mutual trust between the company and the employee.

Finally, by empowering your employees to master social media professionally and providing the tools to overcome any of its hurdles, you will gain a marketing machine beyond any comparison. In return for your investment, your employees become a powerful voice for your brand, the voice that can easily outperform any of your current marketing channels.

And that’s worth every penny, isn't it?

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