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How Content Marketing and PR Go Hand in Hand

pr and marketing man.png October 26, 2016 / Perry Betts

Public Relations and content marketing are complimentary roles working towards the same goal. They work independently but are most effective when collaborative. Content needs eyes, and these eyes need great content to read.


Disruptive banner ads have grown passé and consumers are more attracted to the ‘organic’ message, hence the rise in engaging content light on self-promotion. PR is a way to take this engaging content to new horizons via third party media outlets and influencer mentions.

Simply put, content marketing is a way to beef up your own channels, and PR helps to bring in new eyes and create buzz around what you have to say.


Credibility is key

PR helps content marketing when it comes to credibility. When your company is ready to announce a game-changing new feature, a blog post is a natural way to support the announcement. Your regular readers and loyal followers will believe it. But when posted by a credible news source or influencer, a much larger audience will believe it. There is a rise in the demand for authenticity, and as it is with paid advertisements, a corporate blog carries a natural stigma of self-promotion. Engaging content, when coupled with targeted PR efforts, promises engagement from a broader audience.

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Positive relationships require thoughtfulness

Content marketing can fuel PR efforts when it comes to perceptions. Content marketing as a PR tool helps to build and maintain a reputable reputation and encourages positive interactions. Storytelling is the heart of content marketing, and these ready-made stories coming from your marketing team can be placed in the hands of editors and journalists. The ability to bring quality content to media sources ensures a positive relationship with the journalist and a valuable reputation for the company.

PR pro Robert Wynne agrees that the more work you can do for a journalist or editor the better, since they receive countless numbers of pitches and will appreciate a comprehensive, well-thought-out idea (as long as it’s in their wheelhouse).


Should content fill our own channels or greater media outlets?

A healthy mixture is ideal and the best way to drive long-term thought leadership. Social media has played a large role in the demand for great content - there are multiple channels to satisfy different needs, and each has their own style. Keep your loyal readers happy, and bring in new eyes from external outlets. When choosing media outlets, it’s best to diligently research outlets with a quality readership. Ask yourself: which outlets do the key decision makers in your industry read?

And don't forget your greatest PR asset: your employees.

Perry Betts
October 26, 2016

by Perry Betts