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Globally Recognised Executive Joins Smarp as Chairman of the Board

blog009.png December 13, 2012 / Roope Heinilä

Mr. Pedro Ros, who formerly served as the global CEO and Chairman for market research giant TNS, has decided to join Smarp Oy, a fast growing startup from Helsinki, Finland. Mr. Ros will act as the Chairman of the Board for Smarp and actively participate in the strategic and operative functions.


Smarp and Pedro Ros

Smarp was founded in February 2011 and is specialised in corporate social media training. The main focus of the company is on LinkedIn and the utilisation of professional networks in employer branding, recruiting, marketing, communication, and sales.


Pedro Ros from Smarp

Mr. Ros predicts a bright future for Smarp. "Having run large international organisations across a variety of regions and cultures, I strongly believe that Social Media offers companies an unparalleled opportunity to engage with employees, customers and ultimately with society as a whole. I joined Smarp Oy because of their uniquely tailored approach to Social Media training and the young, energetic and professional nature of their team.”


During the past year, Smarp has expanded its operations with the creation of a cloud based social media training center called Smarp Academy. Smarp's business is based on the fact that companies are made of people and by educating them to create a professional presence on LinkedIn and other social media, as well as maintain, grow, and utilize their existing networks, a multiplier effect will take place, expanding the online presence of businesses organically. The main goal of the Academy is to offer the most current social media training to a large audience in a fast changing environment.

Smarp’s CEO Roope Heinilä and Founding Partner Mikael Lauharanta believe that Smarp Academy will become a globally recognised standard for employee social media training in the near future. "The pilot version of the Academy is already being used by global corporations such as Metso (a global player in industries such as Mining & Construction, Energy, and Automation) and we have already agreed upon distribution in 7 different countries. We will try to double that number within the next 6 months and that's exactly where the experience of a seasoned executive like Mr. Ros is of great value"

Roope Heinilä
December 13, 2012

by Roope Heinilä