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Mikael Lauharanta

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Recent Posts

3 Bold Employee Advocacy Predictions for 2017

December 23, 2016 / by Mikael Lauharanta

The year 2016 is almost in the books so it’s time to see if the predictions I made last year were even close, and of course, look into the good old crystal ball again.


Top Things to Consider for Employee Advocacy Ease of Use

November 24, 2016 / by Mikael Lauharanta

What are the factors that determine whether an Employee Advocacy solution is easy to use? There are some key areas to consider.


3 Bold Predictions for Employee Advocacy In 2016

January 07, 2016 / by Mikael Lauharanta

2015 was a good year for Employee Advocacy and for Smarp. The industry took giant leaps as companies became more aware of the concept of Employee Advocacy and what a game changer it is for individuals and organizations alike.


What if Employee Advocacy Was Used to Raise Money for Charity?

August 12, 2014 / by Mikael Lauharanta

We have been paving the way for Employee Advocacy for quite some time already. Nonetheless, we keep learning and discovering new best practices from discussions with our clients and other industry thought leaders each and every day. In this blog I would like to share with you the latest emerging trend and an interesting twist to engaging employees with Employee Advocacy: charity rewards.


The Secret Spice to Kickstarting Employee Advocacy

April 04, 2014 / by Mikael Lauharanta

Employee Advocacy, or in other words, encouraging your employees to share interesting professional content to their external social media networks, seems to be on everyone's lips.

Looking at the definition, it is pretty obvious that in order for employee advocacy to take off in your organization, you need content that employees want to share. So what if I told you how to know exactly what type of content your employees want to share?


3 Eye-Opening Facts About Content and Sharing

March 12, 2014 / by Mikael Lauharanta

Helping a client discover and get excited about something new is one of the best feelings you can get at work. A big part of my work is championing and introducing the concept of Employee Advocacy to people at events and meetings. The ensuing discussions often lead to content marketing and eventually to those rewarding eureka moments, so I thought I might as well highlight some of the most eye-opening realizations here.


The Forgotten Role of Employees in Earned Social Media

November 08, 2013 / by Mikael Lauharanta

Earned media is the holy grail of marketing. There’s nothing better than having a bunch of people voluntarily talk about your brand across social media. There’s also a huge difference between advertising on social media and getting people to actually talk.

When a person sends a status update, it goes straight into the news feed instead of the dreaded banner section, which the contemporary brain has learned to phase out. Companies can of course buy sponsored updates that appear in the news feeds, but they are ridiculously expensive with minimum CPC bids starting from as high as $3.35 on Linkedin for example! What’s more, updates from connections are generally regarded as 6 times more trustworthy than messages coming straight from the company.


Talent Strategy In the Post-Loyalty World

May 23, 2013 / by Mikael Lauharanta

Employee loyalty is dead. And no, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Long gone are the days recent graduates would dream of landing internships at companies and slowly moving up the corporate ladders until retiring after 40 years of faithful service. Today’s bright young minds want challenges and responsibility from day one.


Moving from Gamification to Gameprovement

February 19, 2013 / by Mikael Lauharanta

Gameprovement is sometime referred as gamification 2.0, that includes real life rewards as employee engagement for their performance.

In my latest blog posts I've been focusing on the major ongoing shifts we're experimenting in employer branding such as the movement towards a more transparent and social way of doing business. I've also talked about how the term employer branding itself might be going out of style as some companies are starting to talk about and aim for culture branding, which means describing your employee experience as authentically as possible to attract and retain the most fitting talent.


What Is Preventing Employees from Becoming Brand Ambassadors?

January 31, 2013 / by Mikael Lauharanta

The other day, I attended a Linkedin/TNS webinar called 4 Essential Tips to Convert Your Employees to Brand Ambassadors. The title of this blog post and the webinar both suggest that brand ambassadors are indeed something every company should strive for.

However, before I dive any further into the reasons behind becoming a brand ambassador, and the tips to converting your employees into them, I'd like to define what a brand ambassador is. In short, a brand ambassador is an engaged employee that is aware of the employer's brand and possesses the required skills to spread the word about his or her attachment to the employer forward to his or her networks.