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Brittany Berger

Brittany Berger is a freelance content marketer who helps startups create colorful content that engages future friends and customers. Follow her on Twitter
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Recent Posts

3 Ways to Build a Relevant Network on Social Media

January 31, 2017 / by Brittany Berger

Networking on social media matters – but networks are only valuable if they’re relevant.


The Basics of Content Marketing: LinkedIn

December 09, 2016 / by Brittany Berger

Do any members of your target audience wake up on weekdays and head into an office job? Probably. If so, your company can benefit from LinkedIn, the business-oriented networking site with more than 106 million active users.


The Basics of Content Marketing: Twitter

October 25, 2016 / by Brittany Berger

To content marketers, Twitter presents a unique challenge. We love creating content - lots of it. And Twitter only lets us post a little bit at a time.


The Basics of Content Marketing: Facebook

September 08, 2016 / by Brittany Berger

Lots of marketers want to believe Facebook marketing is dead. With new networks popping up constantly, email marketing being more effective than ever, and organic Facebook reach getting smaller and smaller, what's the point?