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Anna Sabryan - How Employee Advocacy Became a Special Term of The Century

business-suit-690048_1920.jpg February 25, 2016 / Jose Manuel Arrias Zuleta

As human beings, and also as it is stated by Maslow's Pyramid, one of the most basic needs of humankind is self-realization. To be able to find our purpose and passion for something that makes us so excited, that it awakens our inner peace, happiness and harmony.


For Anna Sabryan, Customer Service became that passion since early stages of her career, allowing her not only to find that self-realization, but also to become an influencer within her field, something that has earned her the recognition of becoming one of the top thought leaders of 2015. 


"Find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life"

For Anna, it’s so natural when you want to be useful for others, to care and help.

“Your sense of well-being increases every time you help someone or do a good job. So becoming a Customer Service Ambassador has been one of the most important decisions in my life, something I do with great pleasure and willingness”.

We can all agree that good customer service is one of the key factors to retain and gain new customers, since they not only buy your product/service, but also buy the experience or how you made them feel at a certain point. However, this being said, we should ask ourselves what makes a good customer experience? What is the most important thing that you should always take into consideration? It probably won’t take you long to realize the one and only answer: employees.

“When you take care of employees, they will take care of your company is something I have heard many times since the beginning of my own career. Putting employees first is the core principle of the term Employee Advocacy and an integral part of any successful business.


Business world should value every single employee

Nevertheless, turning your own employees into brand ambassadors is not something that comes very easy, as, according to Anna, “many prosperous companies prioritize employee advocacy programs, investing and empowering them to take part in different interactions, resulting in word of mouth to brand recognition, which in its turn can lead to building company trust and loyalty”. This principle is not something that you can purchase. What we’re talking about here is a bond that must be built between the employees and the employer.

On the other hand, we should now speak from the Customer Service point of view. How can this field drastically benefit from Employee Advocacy? To answer this we should keep in mind how powerful Social Media has become for both individuals and organizations.

The employees’ role in social media is as crucial as it has ever been. When I asked Anna her opinion on this matter, she mentioned something very important.

“A company’s employees are its most valued assets, and each individual is a public face of the company, so everyone’s role in social media can be decisive".


Employees have the chance to add a personal touch to the information they publish in a way that companies can't afford

Nowadays, the majority of the working force is active in different social channels. Most of them are for personal interests, but they can also participate on behalf of the organization. This allows brands to participate in millions of additional conversations, delivering valuable service at the same time. Motivated employees are the right brand advocates who know the product and want the company to succeed”.

It is no surprise that Social Media has taken over the world and adapted to every part of our daily life. When it’s implemented as a tool for customer service, it can deliver instant service. The thing is, every employee has extensive networks of friends, followers and connections. Some might even have a larger online reach and influence than the company itself. In addition they also have the opportunity of not necessarily having to follow the same strict communication rules as a corporate communications department does. This allows them to be more “human”, honest and truthful. People nowadays trust recommendations from family members or friends more than company advertising, so this makes it easier and more effective to engage with individuals rather than with brands.

A successful advocacy program can benefit your entire organization. Having  advocates telling the company’s story is the best way to make your marketing more authentic. As Anna says before finishing the interview:

“My success is your success!”


Anna Sabryan is an experienced Product Manager and Digital Marketing Expert that has been recognized as ICMI's Top 50 Thought Leaders of 2015 and The V Care Top 50 Customer Care Influencers. For more information about her, feel free to reach out to her in her Twitter or LinkedIn accounts .

Jose Manuel Arrias Zuleta
February 25, 2016

by Jose Manuel Arrias Zuleta